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While exploring the Silk Road at the start of the 20th century, Kozui Otani, the 22nd leader of Nishi-Honganji temple, founded two schools in eastern Kobe: Nirakuso and Muko Junior High School.
The history of Kobe Ryukoku begins with Seitoku Jissen Girls’ School, founded by Minori Enomura in 1921. Enomura was greatly influenced by Otani’s global mindset, and this school was modeled after Muko Junior High School.
Over 90 years later, Kobe Ryukoku continues to stand by tradition while offering a global education to foster leaders for a new age.

The Foundation
of Our School

Character development in the
spirit of Buddhism

Our School Motto “Wagen Aigo”

Our School Motto “Wagen Aigo”
Our School Motto “Wagen Aigo”

“Gentle in countenance and loving in speech” is the meaning of our school motto.
This Buddhist teaching reminds us to never forget to smile and to always be kind to others. This is the foundation of all educational goals at Kobe Ryukoku.

Our Five Missions to Achieve“Wagen Aigo”


Training the next generation of talent in preparation for Society 5.0


Raising students who can cooperate, create, and be independent


UNESCO School affiliation


Steady implementation of new educational principles


Advancement of ICT facilities

Our Educational Goals

Awareness of the Value of LifeCharacter Development

Raising independent,
Buddhist-minded students through:

Religious morals education

Human rights education

Establishment of self-study habits

Emphasis on events and experiences

Career guidance

Volunteer activities

Development of high school-university relations

Fulfilling club activities

Information ethics education

Appreciation for
the Importance of Coexistence
Natural Environment Education

Developing students’ drive to pursue dreams and ambitions through:

Environmental education

Disaster prevention education

Enrichment of research activities

Stimulation of inter-personal relationships

Development of perspectives on nature

Acquisition of general scientific concepts

Diversity of living things

Understanding of eco-system services

Development of ability to make use of information

Understanding of the Concept of
Universal Brotherhood
International Education

Promoting global citizenship through:

Development of problem-solving skills

Implementation of project-based learning

Teaching different systems of thought

Promoting international understanding

Experiencing international exchange

Development of English communication skills

Raising future global leaders

Supporting international exchange students

Cultivating Inquisitive Minds

Seeking truth, living in truth, and making the truth clear

Cultivating Inquisitive Minds

Cultivating a spirit of inquisition and guided practical application to support critical thinking.
Gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to prioritise sustainable development, and build up moral values and attitudes.